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I will happily consider commissions for stained glass of any size and shape.

Most of my commissioned work is in Scotland, that is because the studio is based near Inverness in the Scottish highlands. I have pieces in England, France, Spain, Australia, USA and Canada as well. So if you are not in Scotland I will still be happy to accept a commission from you (although the costs of shipping outwith the UK can be prohibitive).

If you want a small light-catcher for your window or a  panel for your door. A lamp for your bedroom or a big hanging lamp for over your dining room table. A mirror for your hall or a mantle mirror for your lounge. A clock with a difference or whatever else you can think of, I can design and make it.

You don't even have to know exactly what you want in the way of the design. I will be able to help you come to a final decision. All that you really have to know is that you want to commission a one-off piece of art for your home (or even place of work, or church, or village/town hall). The process of designing will be speeded up if you do have some idea of what you are looking for, but it is not essential to come with a design in mind. You will find photos of my recent work on my FaceBook page (along with photos of what my students have been making) 

The final cost of your commission is a mix of several factors. Firstly, the time it takes to produce a complicated piece is obviously longer than the time to make a simple item. So the more detail you require the more expensive your piece will be. Secondly, the price of the coloured glasses that are used in a stained glass panel vary quite considerably from colour to colour. This is because glass is coloured by the addition of metal oxides, and as copper is far cheaper than gold, then green glass is far cheaper than pink or red. So the colours that you pick will have an influence on the final price. If you want to incorporate handmade glass, some staining or fusing work in your design, then you will have put the price of your panel up even more. Then the size of the finished piece is also important as smaller does not always mean cheaper. If you are after a small fussy design it will probably take longer to make a large simple design. Therefore both could work out at the same price!

A rough idea of cost is that a half glazed door (one with a glass panel in the top half) could cost you anything between £1000 and £3000.


If you are looking for something that bit different and which is going to be a one-off. Then consider commissioning Half-A-Moon to make a work of art for you.

Once I establish what you are looking for I will send you a full size drawing of your commissioned art work with a price for the design, manufacture and delivery of it.  It is all worked out on paper so that you are happy with what you are going to get before I go anywhere near the glass itself.